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Podcast 36: Apples with Naomi Slade and Sassie Yassamee

Hello and welcome to this week’s Podcast. This episode we’re discussing apples and I have TWO guests; Naomi Slade who is the author of An Orchard Odyssey and Sassie Yassamee who runs Eve Apple Press, a mobile apple pressing service in East Sussex. We’re just harvesting the last of our apples here in Sussex, so with the tastes and sights of varieties fresh in your mind, what better time to start planning your own orchard?

Naomi’s book, An Orchard Odyssey runs through the practicalities of growing apples, but the focus of our chat is the ways in which we use our apples and our trees as both ornamental and edible additions to our own gardens, particularly from a design perspective. We also chat about how to reconsider how we view orchards and how we can use them within our communities.

Which leads nicely on to my interview with Sassie Yassamee, who runs Eve Apple Press in Hastings in East Sussex. Sassie run a mobile apple pressing service, which helps people conveniently and productively deal with their crops and provides an ingenious solution to gluts and food waste.

What I cover with Naomi:

The definition of an orchard
Historical orchards
Our changing relationship with orchards
The tale of Johnny Appleseed
Fruit trees for wildlife
Designing & underplanting orchards

What I cover with Sassie:

About mobile apple pressing
Which varieties you can use
Preserving the juice


Naomi Slade www.naomislade.com

An Orchard Odyssey – Naomi Slade, Green Books 2016

Naomi on Twitter @NaomiSlade

Naomi on Instagram @naomisladegardening

Eve Apple Press www.eveapplepress.co.uk

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