Having a healthy green environment is vital to our sense of wellbeing. It’s also an extension of our personal space, a place in which to express our own individuality and be creative. Our green environments sometimes suffer because we don’t have the correct knowledge to look after them or the time to do so. We are here to change that and we want to get everyone growing.

Roots and All is your go to place for learning how to care for all things green and growing and although we can’t magic you up some extra time, we can show you how to be more effective in the time you do have (and maybe we can even persuade you to spend a few more of your precious hours exploring the art of growing and cultivating).

Right here, you will find information that allows you to create amazing green spaces, indoors and outdoors. We make managing your green environment easier, more pleasurable and less costly. Our information is available in different formats to suit you so have a look around the site for a subject that interests you and join our growing revolution.

Dig into the blog to find out what you should be paying a gardener, how you can help combat blackspot on your roses and why you shouldn’t be afraid to put ceramic meerkats in your garden… You can also stream the podcast here on the site or download it so you can listen later. The main episodes feature interviews with experts in horticulture on subjects as diverse as dahlias, garden design and encouraging wildlife into your garden. In between the main episodes, we publish a Budcast; a smaller, less well-developed version of the main episode! Budcasts feature seasonally appropriate advice from the world of indoor and outdoor plants and deliver quick hints and tips about how to get the best from your green spaces.

We always welcome feedback and suggestions for future podcast episodes or blog posts. If you have a garden or plant related question and would like us to answer it, please send it to podcast@rootsandall.co.uk

Roots and All is aiming to be an independent information source. We want to be able to provide you with honest and impartial information. If we recommend a product or resource, it’s because we’ve used it and we’ve found it to be useful. If at any time we decide to accept money to promote or provide a link to a product or service, it will ONLY be something we like and we will make it very clear to you that monetisation is involved.

As a consequence of our fierce independence, we are self-funded. We can only continue to provide impartial advice if our loyal readers and listeners are happy to support us, so please consider visiting our Patreon page www.patreon.com/rootsandall and making a one-off donation or becoming a subscriber to support our work.

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