Episode 266: The Winter Garden

This week’s guest is Naomi Slade. Naomi is a journalist, author, designer and consultant. She works as a writer and broadcaster and lectures on a range of specialist subjects. She has written a number of popular gardening books and as if that weren’t enough, she’s also an award-winning garden designer and will be exhibiting the Flood Resilient Garden, which she’s co-designed with Ed Barsley at RHS Chelsea 2024. We’re speaking about her latest book, The Winter Garden: Celebrating the Winter Season.

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What We Cover

Is the winter garden underrated?

How can we plan for the winter garden?

Are winter gardens all about the trees, structural shrubs and hard landscaping?

Is the winter garden mainly about the bits you can view from indoors?

What can entice you to venture out into the winter garden?

Is lighting (natural or artificial) important?

Should you factor in outside sitting or dining for the winter months?

Is it all about the evergreens?

What if you have an annuals/perennials/veg heavy garden? Can there still be winter interest?


The Winter Garden: Celebrating the Forgotten Season by Naomi Slade


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