6th July 2018

How Much Should You Be Paying A Gardener?

27th June 2018

Are You A Plant Lover Or Design Devotee?

As I wrote in my post Planning Your Garden – Planty Wilderness vs. Concrete Jungle it is a rare person indeed that can strike the right balance between hard landscaping and greenery. Once you have an outdoor space to look after, it’s very much up to you whether you govern it with a firm and tidy hand, or whether you allow the edges to blur a little (or a lot).
27th June 2018

January Plants

Our shop is old and a little gappy around the windows and doors so although we do our best to keep it fairly warm, the temperatures are sometimes on the low side during the colder months. It can hover around 8-10°C when it’s really chilly so we make sure that during the winter we are only stocking plants that do well in these conditions.
24th June 2018

The Top 5 Garden Trends For 2018

Edibles – we’re becoming ever-increasingly aware of the impact of transporting and packaging food and as a result, the grow your own food movement gains more and more traction each year

15th June 2018

A Word On Books