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    Media Enquiries

    The Roots and All podcast is widely respected amongst horticultural professionals and listeners for its honest approach to tackling key issues surrounding the environment, conservation and ecology as they relate to gardening. As a truly independent media source, it’s seen as the go-to for impartial advice and journalism in the gardening arena. In recognition of its impact, the show beat the BBC and the Soil Association, amongst others, to win ‘Best Podcast or Radio Broadcast of the Year’ at the Garden Media Guild Awards in 2019 after only 18 months of broadcasting.

    Roots and All occasionally works with companies whose products have been tried and tested by Sarah and/or who’s brand values fit with the ethos of Roots and All. If you would like to submit a product/material for review or would like to know more about commercial opportunities, or you are a representative of a potential guest, please email