Episode 166: Historic Roses

This week, I’m speaking to Michael Marriott about historic roses. Micheal is an expert rosarian, Chairman of the Historic Roses Group and author of the recently published book RHS ‘Roses’. We talk about what historic roses are, some of the myths surrounding them and why they’re an excellent choice for your garden, particularly if you’re looking for something a little different. I began by asking Michael about his background and how he became interested in historic roses.

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What we cover

The Historic Roses Group and Michael’s involvement with the group

What is an historic rose? 

More common historic roses we might have come across

Disease resistance


Do they repeat flower?

Gardens in the UK where you can see historic roses

Good old rose varieties if you’re dipping your toe in the water of growing them


Historic Roses Group

RHS Roses: An inspirational Guide to Choosing and Growing the Best Roses by Michael Marriott

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