Episode 83: Heritage Apples with Caroline Ball

This week’s guest is Caroline Ball, author of a beautiful book called ‘Heritage Apples’. In normal circumstances, this week would have seen lots of events to celebrate Apple Day taking place across the country, but instead, I’m celebrating here on the podcast by delving into some of our lesser known and historic varieties with Caroline, plus there’s a very useful bit at the end where Caroline explains the mysteries of apple tree pollination.

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About Caroline Ball

“Caroline Ball is an editor, copywriter and occasional translator. She has written on subjects from horticulture and travel to antiques and health, and has contributed to books about William Morris and a guide to historical sites. She is a keen gardener and, having been born a ‘Kentish Maid’, some of her earliest memories are of apple orchards in blossom.” – https://bodleianshop.co.uk/products/heritage-apples

What we talk about:

What is a heritage apples?
The Herefordshire pomona
Why should we grow heritage apples?
Some of the varieties described in the book; Beauty of Kent, Catshead & Oslin
Where to taste heritage varieties
Apple tree pollination


Heritage Apples by Caroline Ball

Paul Barnett’s Family Tree

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