Episode 123: New Nordic Gardens with Annika Zetterman

This week’s guest is Annika Zetterman, a Swedish garden designer teacher and author of New Nordic Gardens. Annika works internationally designing visually beautiful gardens which encompass sustainability, respect for the local environment and aesthetic and which exemplify all the best aspects of Scandinavian design. In this episode, Annika talks about the ethos behind Scandinavian design as it’s expressed in a landscape setting and decodes why the gardens featured in her book are so downright stunning.

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What we cover

When talking about Nordic gardens, which countries Annika includes in her book

The importance of light in Nordic gardens and what effect this has on the colours and materials designers choose

Nordic design can be thought of as pared back, uncluttered, clean – where does this aesthetic come from?

Sustainability and how it underlies outdoor design in Nordic countries

Attention to detail and the meticulous selection of hard landscaping materials

The weather and how this is coped with in gardens

Trends emerging in contemporary Nordic gardens

About Annika Zetterman

“Annika Zetterman is the founder and designer at Zetterman Garden Design, creating gardens with Scandinavian ethos throughout the Nordics and beyond, with projects in Sweden, Spain, France, Switzerland and in the UK. She arrived back to her homeland, Stockholm, Sweden 2010, after living abroad, in Hawaii, USA and 10 years in London, UK.

Annika is the author of the book ‘New Nordic Garden, Scandinavian Landscape Design’ published in 2017 and in 2021 (Thames & Hudson), with a Danish translation 2018. Her projects have been featured in books and publications, nationally as well as internationally. Annika was teaching garden design in Stockholm for seven years and lectures on the subject both in Sweden and abroad.

Annika is driven by creating aesthetically pleasing and sustainable expressions, with respect to surrounding landscapes and architecture, while maintaining a positive contribution to future generations and to the Scandinavian design heritage.” http://www.annikazetterman.com/indexENG.html


New Nordic Gardens by Annika Zetterman


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