The Human Garden

This episode is an interview with environmental landscape artist, TED Speaker and art21 Educator Tobacco Brown. Tobacco connects art and environmental justice and is a visual artist, digital storyteller, master gardener, social practitioner, cultural historian and intuitive environmental advocate. We talk about community green spaces, how humans connect with the land and why it’s so important that we do.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Beewolf

What We Talk About 

What can gardens teach us about ourselves? 

Lessons we can learn from a garden that help us live our lives well

Are there lessons we can take from life that will help us be better gardeners? 

Wisdom residing in the soil

Land justice

Communication blight remediation

How gardens grow with you as you go through life

About Tobacco Brown



Tobacco Brown

What Gardening Taught Me About Life – Tobacco Brown’s TED Talk

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