Public Green Spaces with Neil Sinden

Public Green Spaces with Neil Sinden

Just how free are we to walk around our cities and countryside? Who owns our parks and public spaces and who makes the decision what you can and can’t do in them and when they can be closed for ticketed events? What can you do to make sure our green spaces stay open and accessible to all?

These are all questions I asked Neil Sinden, the Director of the London branch of the CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England). I’d seen mention of the Urban Right to Roam, which piqued my interest and made me wonder about how much freedom we do have to roam across our cities and indeed our countryside. I had always assumed we had inalienable rights across public land but it seems it’s not as clear cut as I thought.

As Neil mentions in the interview, 2.6million people in the UK live more than a 10 minute walk from a green space. That’s hugely important as our country becomes more urbanised and it’s important if, for you, your local green space is your only garden.

We talk about:

The CPRE and why it’s needed, even in towns and large cities like London

The Urban Right to Roam

Rights of Way

Privately owned public spaces

Protecting and improving our green spaces


GoParks London

How to register an unrecorded Historic Right of Way

Blog post by Groundsure about the implications for our Historic Rights of Way of a 2026 deadline to register them by.

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