The Biodiversity Gardener

My guest this week is wildlife author and photographer Paul Sterry. Paul has written many books on wildlife but his latest, The Biodiversity Gardener, pulls together his decades of knowledge and the result is a wildlife gardening manual with real-life examples taken from Paul’s Hampshire wildlife friendly space.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Dark Edged Bee Flies

What We Talk About 

Can small gardens really make a difference to our declining biodiversity? Won’t they become unsupportable islands of life?

How to start wildlife gardening

Butterfly caterpillars and when to safely cut the grass/meadow/hedges

Weeding and cutting back and species that use certain plants as larval hosts

Is scrub good and how can you incorporate it in your garden? Do you need to manage it to avoid it becoming woodland?

Advice for anyone looking to transition away from a conventional to a wildlife garden

The Nature Conservancy Council!

About Paul Sterry


The Biodiversity Gardener by Paul Sterry – Princeton University Press, June 2023 

Paul Sterry on Twitter

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