Episode 131: Making a Wildlife Garden with Chris Baines

This week I’m speaking to gardener, TV presenter, author, government adviser and wildlife and environment advocate, Chris Baines. Chris designed the first ever wildlife garden at the Chelsea Flower Show in 1985, which was swiftly followed by his bestselling book ‘How to Make a Wildlife Garden’ so I thought it would be a perfect time to speak to Chris, given the continuing interest in wild gardens that we witnessed again at this year’s Chelsea.

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What we cover

How Chris thinks things have changed since the 1980s with regard to the plight of wildlife

Why a wildlife garden which mimics a woodland edge is desirable

Planting a wildflower strip next to a mixed native hedge, how could you go about starting this type of strip and what plants you might use

How you can identify the wildlife in your garden

Is Chris hopeful for the future and are things changing quickly enough?

Documenting your garden wildlife, in order to help protect habitats threatened by developments

About Chris Baines

Chris Baines is one of the UK’s leading environmental campaigners, an award-winning writer and broadcaster and an experienced speaker at national and international conferences. His particular garden-related expertise lies in wildlife gardening, community participation and trees in towns. Specilaist subjects: industry and environment, wildlife gardening, community participation, habitat creation, sustainable water management. https://www.gardenmediaguild.co.uk/guild-members/directory/profile/Chris-Baines/15

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