Growing Biodiversity

My guest this week is gardener Benny Hawksbee. Benny has a background in biology and gardens with one eye on biodiversity. His projects include the Eden Nature Garden, a community garden designed to be a haven for people and wildlife, and John Little’s garden in Essex. 

We talk about how Benny brings biology and ecology into his work, what we can all do to garden for wildlife whilst reducing our input in terms of resources and how we can involve the community in building and using gardens that work for everyone. 

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Broad bean pests

What We Talk About 

Benny’s professional background and how he got into horticulture

The Eden Nature Garden

How Benny brings biology & ecology into his work

Gardening on a low budget and with low resource availability, such as the absence of running water and electricity

Going against the horticultural rule book

Bees – native species and honeybees

The importance of community involvement in public gardens

The future of gardening in the UK


Benny on Instagram

London Natural History Society

UK Bees, wasps, ants recording society

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