Episode 77: More Than Weeds with Sophie Leguil

This week I’m speaking to biologist and ecologist Sophie Leguil. Sophie is an outspoken and passionate advocate for nature, plants and wildlife and can often be found on social media, helping make sense of complex concepts that affect gardeners and their outdoor spaces. We talk a bit about public spaces, a bit about gardens and urban areas and we touch upon what can happen when you try to stand up for what you believe in.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Tardegrades

About Sophie Leguil:

“Trained as a biologist & ecologist, with experience in horticulture, I am fascinated by the natural world in all its forms. I have a soft spot for plants, from the tiniest orchid at the top of a Vietnamese mountain, to the blousiest iris in a 18th century garden.

I currently work freelance in the UK and France, as a writer, photographer, speaker, translator and wildlife tour leader.

My BSc research focused on pollens of Psychotria (a fascinating genus with ethnobotanical uses), and my MSc on systematics of a small genus of African orchids.

I am particularly interested in the love-hate relationship between plant conservation and horticulture, and more specifically how growing plants can help us better understand, preserve and raise awareness on need to conserve plants.” https://naturanaute.com/about/

What we talk about:

Warren Park
Meadows and wildflower planting
Sophie’s ‘More Than Weeds’ Project
Brownfield sites and their ecological value
The future of nature under our current government




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