Episode 169: Creating Meadows with James Hewetson-Brown

This week I’m speaking to Founder of Wildflower Turf Limited and author of the book ‘How to make a wildflower meadow’ James Hewetson-Brown. James has a vast amount of experience creating meadows at domestic and public scales, is passionate about creating species rich habitats which are attractive to people and wildlife and which have the added benefits of pollution mitigation and carbon sequestration. We talk about the nuts and bolts of meadow making but also about why meadows can be the solution to so many of our landscaping needs.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Tardegrades

What we cover

Why meadows can be a quick solution to bring biodiversity to previously relatively barren areas, particularly in urban environments

If you build it, will they come? Or is biodiversity too depleted already?

The best ways of establishing a meadow

Convert an area of lawn to meadow

Annual species, perennials, and mixtures of both

Do you need grass species in a meadow?

Unusual or interesting projects James has worked on



How to make a wildflower meadow: Tried-And-Tested Techniques for New Garden Landscapes by James Hewetson-Brown – Filbert Press, 2016

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