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Episode 75: Botanical Storytelling with Amanda Edmiston

This week I’m speaking to botanical storyteller Amanda Edmiston. Amanda trained in herbalism and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of historical plants and botanical figures but in this episode, we focus mainly on what Amanda does and her work around Elizabeth Blackwell’s book ‘A Curious Herbal’.

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About Amanda Edmiston:

“Amanda takes people into the stories she tells and brings other worlds, redolent with layers of history into people’s lives. Immersion into one of Amanda’s stories involves all the senses and often reveals facts which are often threatening to drift from the everyday consciousness. Each session is a magical experience and often stays in participants memories for years.

Her work weaves together plants, herbs and flowers with traditional tales, facts and her own stories.Amanda creates an enchanted world to take people into, one that is frequently funny and full of unexpected twists. Her work illustrates and is inspired by oral traditions, history, food, smells, places, objects and the audience themselves. Working with people in museums , botanical gardens, libraries, wherever they are, Amanda’s work opens up different possibilities and can enhance a range of events and projects.”

What we talk about:

The art of botanical storytelling
Elizabeth Blackwell’s ‘A Curious Herbal’
The lost connection with nature?
Historical herbals


Amanda’s website:

The Botanica Fabula Facebook group

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