Episode 291: Inspiration from Nature

This week, my guest is watercolour artist Lisa Gardner. Lisa is inspired by the natural world, the connection between breath and brushwork and rare wild plant species on the edge of extinction – seemingly far flung interests that come together in a beautifully natural and synergistic way in Lisa’s work.

About Lisa Gardener

Lisa Gardner is a watercolour artist inspired by the natural world, the connection between breath and brushwork and rare wild plant species on the edge of extinction.

Passionate about wild plants and the vital role they play in the health of our environment, Lisa’s  art strives to connect people to nature, to improve their wellbeing, and inspire action to save species and their habitats.


Lisa has created 6 video workshops that share her journey with Plantlife, they can be found here.

Short film mentioned in the interview.

Plantlife’s important work can be found here.

Information on the Grassland Action Plan Lisa and Plantlife are campaigning for can be found here.

 You can also get involved and volunteer for the National Plant Monitoring Scheme. 

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