Episode 54 – Making & Using Natural Dyes

This week I’m speaking to Nicola Mehdi who’s been making and using natural dyes using the contents of her own and other people’s gardens and over the years through trial and error, she’s gained a huge amount of knowledge that she’s happy to share. If you’re stuck indoors with little to do, making dyes is a fantastic pastime that you should be able to do using just the contents of your garden or store cupboard. This episode is for anyone looking to learn a new skill or keep children entertained and it will hopefully give you enough pointers to go off and explore natural dyes for yourself. It’s a slightly longer episode than usual, so sit back and like a scoured piece of fabric, soak up the dye of Nicola’s knowledge.

This episode I’m delighted to support independent nursery Ashwood Nurseries, who are still open for mail order and have a stunning range of Lewisias and Primula auriculas looking their best right now. Plus, they have an impressive range of shrubs, trees, conifers, fruit, roses, climbing plants, herbaceous perennials, alpines, heathers, patio and indoor plants. Visit www.ashwoodnurseries.com to browse their range and for cultural information on the plants they grow.

What We Discuss:

How long it takes to make a dye

Some common things you might find in your garden that you could use

General dyeing processes

Different techniques involved in applying the dye to the fabric

Which fabrics you can dye

Relatively quick and easy projects that people can try whilst they have their children at home

Where you can find out more about making and using natural dyes


Jean Dean – Wild Colour : How to Make and Use Natural Dyes, Octopus Publishing Group, 2018

The Wild Dyery

Suzanne Dekel on Instagram


Seasalt Stories


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