Episode 172: Your Garden Spa

This week I’m speaking to Juliette Goggin, perfumery consultant to some of the most recognised brands in the world, upcycling and reusing champion, owner of the cosmetics company Hand Made by Juliette and author of the books Handmade Beauty and Handmade Spa. We talk about how you can use plants from your garden to create products that are natural, inexpensive, easy to make and that actually work. 

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Gooseberry Sawfly

What We Talk About

Juliette’s background in perfumes and cosmetics

The impetus behind the books Handmade Beauty & Handmade Spa

Why should we try to make our own products? 

How are they better than what you can buy?

Do you need a lot of equipment?

Do you need to source fairly specialist ingredients? 

How you can incorporate items from your garden into your products

Prepping ingredients

About Juliette Goggin

Juliette trained in perfumery evaluation, and worked for a Fragrance house in Grasse in the South of France to develop bespoke products for niche brands in the UK. Throughout this time Juliette was always keen to learn how everything was made and to expand her knowledge, combining this with a natural love of crafting which she developed as a child forever making things from cast off bits and pieces. 

Juliette teaches classes in Natural Skincare and Candle Making, based around her Handmade Beauty and Handmade Spa illustrated books. The books also acted as a springboard to creating her own Collection of natural skincare and home fragrance products in 2018, appropriately called Handmade by Juliette.



Instagram @handmadebyjuliette

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