Episode 52 – Fruit & Vegetables in Pots

This week I’m talking to Aaron Bertelsen about his new book ‘Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Pots’. Aaron is the resident kitchen gardener at Great Dixter but as with many who work there, he lives and breathes the Great Dixter way of life and works tirelessly to support the house and garden. You may find him harvesting produce in the kitchen garden, serving lunch to guests and students, hosting horticultural royalty in the house or travelling the world to promote Great Dixter.

‘Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Pots’ is both a practical guide to growing food in containers and a recipe book, providing inspiration for what to do with the abundance of produce you’ll have once you’ve mastered the art. Aaron gives tips on the best fruit for containers, how to avoid flea beetle, what to feed your crops, cooking with lettuce, plus loads of other invaluable advice for those growing their own produce in containers.

About Aaron Bertelsen:

“Aaron studied Social Anthropology at the University of Otago before coming to England in 1996 to volunteer in the garden at Great Dixter. He subsequently studied for a Diploma in Horticulture at Kew Gardens, and spent two years at Jerusalem Botanical Gardens in Israel, where he is still a trustee. Aaron returned to Great Dixter in 2005 and became the vegetable gardener and cook in 2007. Aaron is regularly invited to speak about gardening at events worldwide. His first book The Great Dixter Cookbook is published by Phaidon and has received international acclaim since its publication in March 2017.” – www.greatdixter.co.uk

What We Discuss:

What crops you can grow in containers

What crops you can’t

The best salad leaf crops

Feeding crops in containers

The best fruit for containers

Growing for aesthetics as well as production

Aaron’s top 3 crops (which turned into 4!)


Aaron’s Blog

Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Pots by Aaron Bertelsen – Phaidon, 2020

The Great Dixter Cookbook by Aaron Bertelsen – Phaidon, 2017

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