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Episode 48: Leon Kluge of Leon Kluge Design

Hello and welcome to this episode of the podcast. This episode is the hotly anticipated Part 3 of the Design Experts series and this week’s guest is South African garden designer Leon Kluge who runs a design practice in Cape Town. I spoke to Leon about his work and the particular set of challenges he faces in South Africa. And let’s just say, you might just think twice the next time you moan about aphids…Leon goes out of his way to source and propagate plants from his local region and he discusses some of the amazing landscapes that surround the area. He also talks about when and where to go if you’re a plant lover and you’re planning a visit to South Africa.

This series has very kindly been sponsored by the London College of Garden Design.

About Leon Kluge:

“Leon kluge was brought up in the Lowveld botanical gardens,From an early age, Leon has nurtured a great affinity for plants; his grandfather was the curator of the Betty’s Bay Botanical Garden and the Lowveld National Botanical Garden, while his mother owns and runs a renowned wholesale nursery in Nelspruit.

Leon has been invited to create his unique landscapes throughout the world: being the only landscape designer from Africa that has ever won the Gardening World Cup held in Nagasaki Japan. He has also been awarded best designer at the biggest Garden design event on earth held in the USA, The Philadelphia flower show. Leon is also a multiple Gold award winner at the prestigious Chelsea flower show held in London-UK. He has also been the first designer from Africa to win Gold at the biggest design show in Asia, The Singapore Garden Festival and also the New Zealand International flower show. Some of Leon’s Clients include gardens for Disney ,The United Nations, Hollywood celebrities, and for governments all over the world. Leon also represents Cape Town and Kirstenbosch at the Chelsea flower show yearly. Leon Kluge has become synonymous with modern contemporary landscaping and garden design.” –

What We Discuss:

The ethos behind Leon Kluge Design

Influences/ Inspiration

Options for those who wish to train as garden designers in South Africa

The type of projects Leon works on, typical clients

The climate in and around Cape Town, the environmental challenges faced

The importance of gardens and horticulture in South Africa The challenges gardeners face

Sourcing plants, the use of native plants

The best time for plant lovers to visit South Africa


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