Hiring A Garden Designer

You’ve got the space, you’ve got a budget, but where to begin? It can be difficult and sometimes daunting to know how to set about transforming and making the most of your outdoor space. For those of us who aren’t blessed with a green-fingered talent, the best option may be to bring in the professionals and hire the services of a garden designer.

Fortunately, Sarah Wilson is here with another essential episode to help guide you down the path alongside her special guest and Chartered Horticulturalist, Andrew Fisher Tomlin. Barely in need of introduction, Andrew is renowned for his incredible gardens and landscapes for which he has won many awards and is on tap in this episode as a never-ending fount of knowledge on the subject. As Director of the London College of Garden Design and Partner of Fisher Tomlin and Bowyer in London, Andrew has a stellar career. Therefore, you can expect to pick up some constructive and reliable advice and tips, from how to choose the right garden designer for you, to the perennial question of how much you should expect to pay. Find out why it’s imperative that you communicate with your garden designer in order to achieve a productive relationship. As with most things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out. From consultation to final horticultural glory, let Sarah and Andrew reassure you, that you can achieve the garden of your dreams!

Points of interest;

What to consider when thinking about hiring a garden designer.

Qualifications and experience of a garden designer.

References, testimonials and insurance of a garden designer.

Choosing the right garden designer for your style.

The design process you can expect to go through from start to finish.

How to communicate with your garden designer and get the outcome you’ve always dreamed of.

Things to look out for during the process.

Why a garden designer can help you save money.

Hourly rate and fees.

Working around your budget.

FAQs answered;

Why do I need a garden designer?

What can I expect a garden designer to bring to a project?

Where do I begin searching for a good garden designer?

Is it beneficial to choose a local garden designer?

What’s the difference between a landscape architect and a garden designer?

Do I need both a landscape architect and garden designer for the job?

How involved should my garden designer be throughout the project?

Guest follow up;


Fisher Tomlin and Bowyer garden designers and landscapers, London.

Further useful research;

London College of Garden Design www.lcgd.org.uk

The Society of Garden Designers www.sgd.org.uk

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