Pink cosmos flowers covered in dew with an out of focus spiderweb at dawn in a garden

Episode 179: Ecological Gardens with Sid Hill

This week’s guest is eco gardener, landscape designer, permaculturist, horticultural thinker and garden experimenter, Sid Hill.

Sid is concerned with building gardens that can sustain people and wildlife and he’s talking to me today about his particular brand of gardening, what we can do differently to improve our gardens and the whole discipline of horticulture in the UK.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Slugs – good or bad? 

What We Talk About

Sid’s style of gardening and his horticultural values

How we can rethink the perceived view of horticulture in the UK

Native flora vs non-native plants

Planting through brambles!

The future of gardening


Sid Hill Ecological Gardens

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