Episode 177: Propagating Plants

This week, my guest is Nikki Barker. Nikki’s long career in horticulture has seen her work across many sectors of the industry and she is now the Senior Horticultural Advisor at the RHS.

She’s just had a book published called ‘A Gardener’s Guide to Propagation Techniques’ and I spoke to Nikki to get some general tips on propagation and to find out what we can be propagating at this time of year. 

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Allium leaf miners

What We Talk About

With peat being phased out, what are good alternative proprietary growing media for propagation? 

Some common seeds that require light to germinate

Seeds that can be particularly tricky to germinate

Good ways of propagating plants at this time of the year

Dahlias – good ways to propagate them

The easiest methods and plants to try propagating if you don’t have a lot of space or equipment


Gardener’s Guide to Propagation Techniques: The essential guide to producing plants by Nikki Barker – The Crowood Press Ltd, September 2022

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