Episode 154: Food Forest in your Garden

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode, where I’m speaking to plant expert and forest garden creator Alan Carter. Alan’s latest book, ‘A Food Forest in your Garden’ teaches you how to grow your own seasonal food in a low maintenance, nature friendly garden that feels like a woodland glade. We talk about starting a forest garden, how to manage it, key plants and some unusual plants and growing techniques.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Common fruit flies 

What we cover

What is a forest garden?

Is our UK climate suited to hosting forest gardens?

Turkish rocket

Can it be difficult and or expensive to start a forest garden given the unusual plants involved? 

Sourcing plants

Acclimating your taste buds to the flavours of some of the plants in the forest garden

What plants are essential in a forest garden?

How Alan treats kale and radish plants


A Food Forest in your Garden: Plan It, Grow It, Cook It by Alan Carter 


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