Iain Tolhurst Vegan Organic Farming

Bonus Episode – Iain Tolhurst Vegan Organic Farming

Iain Tolhurst’s inspirational talk about his farm, recorded at Brighton VegFestUK 2019

This episode is produced in association with the Vegan Organic Network. It was recorded at VegFestUK on the 23rd March 2019. Iain Tolhurst is a pioneer of what he terms Stock-free Farming; that is farming which uses no animal inputs. Based in South Oxfordshire, Iain talks about the history of his growing operation plus shares some unique practices he employs to maximise crops whilst making the farm a haven for biodiversity. He also gives figures about produce yields and carbon output of his farm, which are fascinating (and encouraging, for anyone considering this method of farming).

With thanks to Iain Tolhurst and The Vegan organic Network for allowing me to part of such a great day. To find out more about Iain, including his courses, veg box scheme and consultancy work, please check out http://www.tolhurstorganic.co.uk. The Vegan Organic Network is the only organisation in the UK solely working for food to be grown the veganic way. Please check out their website to find out more about the important work they are involved in: http://veganorganic.net

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