Episode 1: Dahlias

In the first episode of this insightful series, Sarah covers one of her favourite topics as she talks to two special guests about Dahlias.

Join Emma Page, Award winning Horticulturist and Garden Designer and Dave Gillam, Chairman of the National Dahlia’s Society as well as being the General Manager for Abercorn Garden Centre in Chelmsford, as they share their extensive knowledge and experience. We discover the inspiration behind Dave Gillam’s passion for growing Dahlias competitively and find out our guests favourite type of Dahlia, and why.

So whether its growing them for the sheer pleasure of it, or you are a bit more serious about the whole affair and wish to grow these beautiful plants in order to compete, this is the place to learn more about the ‘tender’ perennial. They may not be considered low maintenance but any effort put into growing them is likely to be highly rewarded.