Poison Prescriptions

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of Roots and All where I’m speaking to both of the Seeds Sistas, Fiona Heckels and Kazzla Goodweather about their latest book ‘Poison Prescriptions’. The book takes a look at three key plants; datura, henbane and belladonna aka the power plants. Steeped in political history, the mysterious past of our native power plants calls to us somewhere deep within. The book urges the resurrection of the ancient tradition of using of these plants in medicine, as well as being a practical guide to plant magic, medicine and ritual.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Ectoparasites

What We Talk About

Witching herbs

How long have they been used by humans and what have they been used for?

The chemicals they contain and how they can affect the body

Developing a deeper connection with plants






Poison Prescriptions by The Seed Sistas – Watkins Media Limited, November 2022

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