Hedges & Living Boundaries

This week’s guest is Roger Hirons, a horticultural expert and speaker, who’s been in the industry for over 35 years. Roger has just released a really excellent book called the Gardener’s Guide to Hedges and Living Boundaries, which covers preparation and design advice for establishing a new living boundary; advice on dealing with existing boundaries in need of restoration or extension; planting for both your human and wildlife neighbours and also a directory of some really interesting hedging plants, climbers and trees.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: The Swallowtail

What We Talk About

Why plant a hedge or living boundary instead of installing a fence?

What is a living boundary?

Which plants are well suited to creating a fedge?

What plants are good for wildlife?

Boundaries that are low maintenance

Boundaries that are good for security

Mounds aka bunds

Wall shrubs

Tips for staking newly planted plants

Hedges that are good for wildlife 

When to cut a hedge if being considerate of bird nesting and feeding behaviours

About Roger Hirons

Roger Hirons has been a horticultural speaker for over thirty years, presenting to garden clubs and societies as well as the University of the Third Age and the Women’s Institute. Since studying horticulture at Pershore College, he has also run and co-run plant centres and worked in the landscaping industry for nearly twenty years.


Gardener’s Guide to Hedges and Living Boundaries by Roger Hirons – The Crowood Press Ltd, October 2022

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