Garden BirdWatch with Kate Risely of BTO

The Garden BirdWatch with Kate Risely of the British Trust for Ornithology

This week, I’m talking garden birds with Kate Risely, Garden BirdWatch Organiser at the British Trust for Ornithology. Kate talks us through the trends that have occurred in our garden bird populations over the past 40 years, what and when to feed them, diseases that are on the rise and how you can attract more birds in your garden. Plus, Kate answers my question; are magpies vandals, living off the fat of our songbirds?

About Kate:

Kate leads the BTO’s Garden Ecology team and co-ordinates the programme of garden ecology surveys and research, within the Communications department.

Kate has overall responsibility for running for Garden BirdWatch, a ‘citizen science’ project where volunteers record birds and other taxa using their gardens on a weekly, year-round basis, as well as additional garden-based surveys. Kate is interested in the research and conservation applications of our garden wildlife data.

We talk about:

The BTO Garden BirdWatch & how you can take part

Why the data collected through the Garden BirdWatch is so important

Trends around garden birds over the last 40 years

When and what to feed your garden birds

Diseases in garden birds

How to attract more birds to your garden


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Tel: 01842 750050

Garden BirdWatch

Garden Wildlife Health 

Feeding affecting bird communities:


Disease risks of bird feeding:

Greenfinch declines due to disease:

Predator effects on bird populations:

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