Epsiode 72: Saving Our Plants with Plant Heritage

This week I’m talking to Vicki Cooke of Plant Heritage. Plant Heritage is a UK charity that works to conserve cultivated garden plants, predominantly through the National Plant Collection scheme and their Plant Guardians initiative. Think National Plant Collections are the preserve of stately homes with huge gardens or horticultural institutions? Not at all! In fact, you could start you own on an allotment, in your greenhouse or porch, you could choose a genera with a 1000 species or just one and choose anything from trees to houseplants. All you need is a passion for a particular group of plants and you can join the ranks of experts and plant fans helping to look after our cultivated plants for future generations.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Gooseberry Sawfly

About Vicki Cooke:

Vicki Cooke is the Conservation Manager at Plant Heritage, and has spent much of her career delving into plants and their history. From Garden Organic’s Heritage Seed Library, growing and saving seed from heirloom vegetables, to the Hampton Court Palace kitchen garden and now at Plant Heritage, I have always been passionate about growing and conserving our garden plants.

What We Discuss:

About Plant Heritage

National Collections and why they are important

The Missing Genera project

Some of the genera that don’t already have a home

What is involved in becoming a National Collection holder?

How you can take part



Missing Genera top 10 for 2020, plus a link to the long list of all genera without a National Plant Collection 

How to start a National Plant Collection


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