Episode 73: Mycorrhizhal Fungi with Dr Petra Guy

This episode is somewhat of a follow-up to my interview with Jeff Lowenfels in Episode 51. Following that interview, I found myself asking a few more questions, particularly about how we’re progressing with research into mycorrhizal fungi here in the UK. So here I am talking to Dr Petra Guy, who’s based at Reading University. Petra looks mainly at woodland health from the perspective of mycorrhizal fungi but we cover a lot of garden territory too including proprietary fungi mixes, composts and replant disease.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Crab Spider

About Dr Petra Guy:

Petra is a postgraduate researcher at the University of Reading modelling the responses of trees to climate, land-use soils and mycorrhizal symbioses. Currently exploring game theory as a means of understanding different ectomycorrhizal/plant relationships and responses.

What We Discuss:

How long mycorrhizal fungi can persist in the soil without a host
The efficacy of proprietary mixes
Saving soil over the winter to inoculate next year’s crop
Replant disease
Should we be building ‘soil bridges’?
Susan Simard’s concept of mother trees in forests


Episode 51: Mycorrhizal Fungi with Jeff Lowenfels

Suzanne Simard TED Talk

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