Episode 30: Growing Orchids in Your Garden

Roots and All Podcast Episode 30 – Growing Orchids In Your Garden with Dr Wilson Wall

This week I’m speaking to Dr Wilson Wall of Bewdley Orchids. Dr Wall is also the co-author of How to Grow Native Orchids in Gardens Large and Small and is a foremost expert on UK native orchids. In this episode, he talks about growing orchids in lawns, borders, containers…they’re much more versatile than you might expect! Not only are they beautiful and versatile, if you grow them, you’ll be doing your bit to conserve these plants as their numbers in the wild diminish.

About Dr Wilson Wall

Wilson Wall is the Director of Bewdley Orchids, provider of native British orchids for individuals and groups to grow in their garden or meadow. Elected Fellow of the Institute of Biology (now the Royal Society of Biology) and Chartered Biologist, Wilson has a PhD in genetics and a long interest in growing orchids from seed. He has written several books before, of both single and joint authorship and was editor of The Clematis, journal of the British Clematis Society.

What We Cover:

The relationship between orchids and fungi

Which orchids are suitable for growing in gardens

Orchids that work in containers

Soil requirements

The sourcing of plants

– Common pests and diseases


Bewdley Orchids www.bewdleyorchids.com

How to Grow Native Orchids in Gardens Large and Small – by Wilson Wall and Dave Morgan. Published by Green Books.

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