Episode 150: Welcome to Mintopia

This week’s guest is Dr Si Poole, founder of Mintopia, a website dedicated to mint featuring its own online reference library for the different types, the mintopaedia. Si holds one of the National Collections of mint and holds getting on for 200 different cultivars. From his plastic-free, organic nursery, he sells themed collections of mints and he’s passionate and knowledgable about every aspect of the Mentha genera, impressive given that there’s much more to this plant than mint sauce and mojitos. 

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Locusts

What we cover

How Si became interested in mint

The different species and cultivars of mint

The Mintopia Mint Collections

How is mint propagated?

The cultivation of mint in the garden 

Is it true that you shouldn’t allow mints of different varieties grow in the same container otherwise they all end up tasting the same? 

Mint pests and diseases



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