Episode 144: Sharing and Borrowing Gardens

This week, I’m talking to Joyce Veheary about her fantastic Lend and Tend project, which aims to match garden owners who perhaps don’t have the time, experience, desire or means to tend their garden with gardenless gardeners keen to employ their green fingers, 

pairing up people who are local to each other, then sending them on their merry way in the hopes they will have a long and happy garden sharing relationship. Joyce talks about why she felt the need to begin the project, how it works, what happens when it succeeds and why the idea is of benefit to whole communities, as well as the individuals involved.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Houseplant bugs

What we cover

Lend and Tend and how it came about

How likely are you to find someone on Lend and Tend who shares the same view of what a garden can and should be? 

Some of the keys to having a mutually beneficial relationship between lender and tender

What about tools?

Practical considerations such as insurance and references

The social element of Lend and Tend and how it benefits the community

Where to find out more and get involved

About Joyce Veheary

Joyce is the founder of Lend and Tend and is a self-taught gardener with a passion for sharing skills and experiences. She is particularly interested in growing her own produce to cook with and she’s a keen forager too. 

Joyce is always looking for ways to look after the environment and to promote social justice. Her aim with Lend and Tend is to democratise access to growing space, which she rightly views as an act of horticultural rebellion.

She’s also a film and TV actor and her latest role is in Zack Snyder’s Justice League where she plays a Gotham cop. Talk about multi-talented!



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