Episode 132: The Jungle Garden with Philip Oostenbrink

This week’s guest is Philip Oostenbrink, Head Gardener at Walmer Castle and Gardens, Collections Coordinator for Plant Heritage in Kent, Plant Trials committee member for the RHS and self-confessed jungle plant nut. Philip has just published a new book titled ‘The Jungle Garden’ and in this interview, I talk to him about what a jungle garden is, whether they can work in shady and sunny aspects, easy jungle plants, rarer ones, plant hardiness, seasonal and winter interest and where to get plants.

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What we cover

What sparked Philip’s interest in jungle plants

How the jungle influences his design aesthetic

The importance of seasonal changes and how do you can highlight these in a jungle garden scheme

How much did writing the book make Philip examine what is an instinctual talent for grouping plants?

Can jungle plants mix with more traditional cottage style plants?

Mixing exotic plants from different continents or eco regions

Winter interest in a jungle garden

Jungle gardens in full sunshine

Good jungle garden climbers

Trees for a small space but big impact

Easy to look after starter plants

Rarer plants to wow your friends

About Philip Oostenbrink

“My name is Philip Oostenbrink and I am Head Gardener at Walmer Castle and Gardens in East Kent. Apart from my full-time job I am Collections Coordinator for Plant Heritage in Kent and Plant Trials committee member for the RHS. I am also a horticultural speaker for any groups who are interested in gardening and/or history.
I have been a plant collector all my life. I have a passion for jungle gardening and I have four National Plant Collections: Aspidistra elatior & sichuanensis, Variegated and Yellow-leaved Convallaria, Hakonechloa macra and Ophiopogon japonicus. I have a love for variegated plants.” https://myplants.me


The Jungle Garden by Philip Oostenbrink – Filbert Press, October 2021 https://uk.bookshop.org/a/8971/9781999734565

Philip’s Blog – ‘Thoughts of a plant nut.’ https://myplants.me

Philip on Instagram – mr.plantaholic https://www.instagram.com/mr.plantaholic/?hl=en

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