Episode 128: So you want to write a gardening book?

In this episode, I’m speaking to award-winning writer Catherine Mack about getting a gardening book published. Catherine talks about why you might want to write a book, the process of getting your ideas onto paper and how to get published. Plus, she addresses the most important issue of whether or not you’ll make your fortune! If you’ve ever harboured dreams of writing a book, listen on and be inspired by Catherine’s advice and encouragement.

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What we cover

Good reasons for writing a book

How do you know if it will be of interest to readers?

How to check someone hasn’t already written something similar and does it matter if they have?

Your options if you’re looking to get published

Getting published in a magazine

What you need in order to approach potential publishers or crowdfunders

Traditional publisher vs. alternatives

Are you likely to make any money?!

About Catherine Mack

Catherine is an award-winning travel writer specialising in sustainable and ethical tourism. Storytelling and sustainability go hand in hand for Catherine, who engages with people just as much as place on her travels. As Covid clipped her wings she started to focus on journeys that people took closer to home. In other words, to their allotments. She is delighted that The Allotmenteers, Profiles of a Growing Community – has now been commissioned by Unbound, an award-winning crowdfunding publisher.

Catherine has always sought to understand why people journey and is keen to capture what people gain from travelling this short distance from urban to rural, from home to allotment, as well as the growing and personal journeys they take while being allotmenteers. Catherine doesn’t have an allotment and, as it is considered such a private world by those who maintain them, she is able to offer an objective eye in her interviews and subsequent essays, helping the reader feel as if they too are privileged to enter this private world.

Read more about The Allotmenteers, and do please pledge to help have this book hit its crowdfunding target. You can also follow Catherine on Twitter and Instagram.


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