Dig In: So & Mo with Luke Taylor

This episode features Luke Taylor, co-founder of So and Mo, talking about a new type of liquid lawn feed that’s formulated to work in different ways at different times of the year, depending on the growing needs of your lawn. When you buy the box, you receive 6 formulas that you apply to your lawn between February and December. They’ve been developed using the decades of experience and knowledge Luke and his business partner have gleaned working with lawns on a commercial scale – basically, it’s a professional standard of lawn care simplified and delivered so you can get professional results in a really easy way.

Luke talks about the product, about lawn care, what you should be doing with your lawn right now and how to get the best out of those pesky sprayers – plus if you listen to the end there’s a discount code just for you.


So and Mo Performance Liquid Lawn Feed

Background on So and Mo

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