Urban Smallholding

My guest this episode is urban smallholder Sara Ward. Sara runs Hen Corner, a backyard smallholding in London. Her website Hen Corner has a wealth of information on growing and making food, she runs courses, sells products from her bakery and has just published a book ‘Living the Good Life in the City’. I began by asking Sara what prompted her to follow in the wellieprints of Barbara Good.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Gardening for Nature

What We Talk About 

What prompted Sara to set up Hen Corner

How much can you grow in your average urban garden?

Keeping animals

Getting rid of waste from the garden

Preserving food

Looking after things when you’re away

About Living the Good Life in the City

Sara Ward has transformed her Victorian terraced house in London into an urban smallholding, ‘Hen Corner’, and in Living the Good Life in the City she shares some of the ways she and her family have brought city and country together, and shows that you, too, can make a difference to how you live and the food you eat.

Divided into sections covering Make, Grow, Preserve, Keep and Celebrate, Living the Good Life in the City is packed full of recipes, stories, tips and tricks including baking bread, making your own jam, pasta, sausages and cheese, keeping bees and livestock, preserving, foraging, harvesting and celebrating with food.


Living the Good Life in the City: A journey to self-sufficiency (available July '23)

Living the Good Life in the City by Sara Ward – Pimpernel Press, July 2023


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