The End of the Life Cycle

This week’s episode, I’m speaking to holistic funeral director, Holly Lyon-Hawk. It’s not easy for most of us to talk about end of life, death and funeral arrangements and yet it’s such an important thing to prepare for, it’s unavoidable, it needn’t be frightening or taboo, and it is something we can make easier for ourselves and our loved ones if we start a conversation around it whilst we still can. In the interview, Holly talks about her approach and about what options are open to those of us who love nature and gardens and I expect you’ll find what we talk about sometimes surprising and also reassuring to know that there are alternative options.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Choices for pest control

What We Talk About 

Holly’s background and how she became a holistic funeral director

How Holly approaches funerals differently

Some common misconceptions around funerals

Can I be composted? Can I be buried in my garden?

Eco-friendly ways to be buried

How a garden or love of gardening can be incorporated into a funeral

Talking about your funeral wishes and how we can prepare for dying

How to make sure your last wishes are followed

About Holly Lyon-Hawk

I originally trained as a veterinary nurse before working as a sculptor for many years.

I set up my own business  working as a holistic funeral director many years ago understanding that people needed not only more choice, but also more support than they had been, on the whole, from mainstream traditional funeral directors. I now work across the S/E England supporting many families as both as End of Life Practitioner and a Holistic Funeral Director.

I am an author as well as a multi-award winning Holistic Funeral Director, Specialist in Ceremonial Care of the Body and End of Life Practitioner for People and Pets.


Holly’s Podcast – No One Gets Out of Here Alive

Holly’s Book – A Gentle Goodbye

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