Podcast 40 – Limeburn Hill Biodynamic Vineyard

This week, I’m speaking to Robin Snowdon who runs Limeburn Hill Biodynamic Vineyard. The vineyard is biodynamic and Robin works closely with the land, managing the estate not just for the vines but also for native flora and fauna. He also uses fascinating methods to produce unique wines that encapsulate the flavour and essence of the site. Robin gives an excellent insight into what can happen when you grow crops in tune with your site, rather than fighting against it.

About Robin Snowdon:

Robin Snowdon and Georgina Harvey planted Limeburn Hill Biodynamic Vineyard in 2015, and Robin now works full time managing the vineyard and making the wine. The vineyard has been run following biodynamic practices from the beginning and this helps create both vineyard and wines that are full of character, identity and with a strong sense of place. More than half of the vineyard area is managed purely as habitat for native flora and fauna, and all wines are natural and fermented using only wild yeast from the vineyard. As part of his commitment to the land and his interest in the spiritual aspect of farming, Robin is also training to become a Druid.

What we talk about:

How Robin manages the vineyard and what they produce from Limeburn Hill?

How the vineyard is biodynamic? What does this involve?

People might assume there was some friction between your previous and current careers. What made you feel biodynamic growing was the best way to manage your vineyard?

Is there evidence that biodynamic growing produces better crops, higher yields and so on?

Robin’s salutogenic approach to growing. The anti-fungal and anti-mildew sprays he uses on his vines.

– The terroir and why the wines wouldn’t taste the same if they were grown anywhere else?


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For more details on Biodynamics have a look at the Biodynamic Association UK website


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