Hiring A Gardener

Anyone with a modest or sizeable outdoor space will appreciate the time and effort that goes into maintaining it.  So the question professionals in the industry are often asked is, how do I get a good gardener?

In the second episode of this series, Sarah Wilson finds out some answers as she interviews Claire Vokins a friend and fellow Horticulturist, who runs her own garden care business, Elizabeth Clare Gardening Ltd, in South West London.  With a no-nonsense approach, Claire blows the lid off this topic and reveals a wealth of knowledge and practical advice.

Learn about the benefits and pitfalls of hiring a gardener, the many variables to consider and the most important factors when deciding on your choice, especially the ever grey area of how much you can expect to pay on an hourly rate.  Adversely, pick up some helpful pointers on what to do if hiring a regular gardener is out of your budget.

So whether it’s a ‘jungle cut’ or a more detailed maintenance and care plan you have in mind for your outdoor space, there is bound to be something that will grab your attention in this episode.

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