Episode 76 – I Want to Like my Garden with Rachel McCartain

This week I’m speaking to garden designer, writer and podcast host Rachel McCartain. Rachel believes the garden should work for you, that it should suit your lifestyle. If you struggle to reconcile the garden you want with the time you have to spend on it, this is the episode for you. Whether you have your own garden or you create gardens for others, Rachel’s advice will no doubt prove useful.

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About Rachel McCartain:

Rachel founded PlantPlots.com an online garden design company which is now one of the world’s most popular websites. PlantPlots offers uniquely practical garden design advice, with the aim of making gardening easier for everyone.

In addition PlantPlots creates affordable and practical garden design for anyone with a garden. She has designed gardens in both the UK and the USA and presents the popular gardening podcast The Plotting Shed. It was whilst transforming her second garden, she began to wonder why with all the thousands of gardening books available do so many gardens all look the same! A lawn in the middle surrounded by borders hugging the fence and a couple of hanging baskets.

It began to dawn on her that the reason was because all these books showed how to make A garden but didn’t say how the reader could change THEIR garden – and that’s why PlantPlots was founded.
To help you make the gardening easier.

Rachel currently lives by the sea in West Sussex UK, she is married with 3 children. Although having pets has never been high on her list of must haves, her garden does boast a chicken wire heron named Eric, a shoal of wire ‘Michael’ fish (named after a departed uncle) and in pride of place a 7-foot sunbathing topiary leopard called Ingwe. Rachel is currently planning whether to ‘grow’ a giraffe or some antelopes.

What we talk about:

Useful ways of analysing your garden from a planting and design perspective

Having a garden that works for your skills and your schedule

Buying plants for your garden


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