Episode 71: Tapestry Lawns with Dr Lionel Smith

This week I’m talking to Dr Lionel Smith, horticulture lecturer and author of the book Tapestry Lawns: Freed from Grass and Full of Flowers. As the title suggests, a tapestry lawn replaces grass with flowering dicots, increasing biodiversity, lowering maintenance needs and seriously upping the aesthetic value of a lawn. Living with a tapestry lawns involves a little bit of self-education around how you treat plants and I start by asking how to overcome one of my own biggest worries about having one…

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Painted Lady Butterfly

About Dr Lionel Smith:

Dr Lionel Smith received his PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Reading in 2014. He is currently Lecturer in Horticulture at Myerscough College, Lancashire, and lives in St. Anne’s-on-Sea.

What We Discuss:

The history of lawns

What is a Tapestry lawn?

Tapestry lawn maintenance

Height convergence and why it’s relevant to Tapestry lawns

Tapestry lawns and wildlife

Tapestry lawns over winter

Sourcing plants for a Tapestry lawns

What does the future hold for Tapestry lawns?



Tapestry Lawns : Freed from Grass and Full of Flowers by Lionel Smith – Taylor & Francis, 2019

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