Episode 70: Growing Food with Stephanie Hafferty

This week I’m chatting with Stephanie Hafferty. Amongst other things, Stephanie is a writer, speaker, long-time champion of No-Dig gardening, a food growing expert, a talented chef and she shares some brilliant tips with us this week. The knowledge comes thick and fast in this episode, so you may want to grab a pen and paper before you begin listening!

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Asian Hornets

About Stephanie Hafferty:

“I’m an organic no dig kitchen gardener, plant based cook, award winning food & gardening writer, small scale homesteader and mum of three.

I live in Bruton, a small market town in rural Somerset where I grow delicious vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs in my garden and allotment using no dig methods.  I love  reading (I studied  Literature and Art History at university and worked as an English teacher), crafting, visiting interesting places, exploring the countryside, trying out new recipes and food, making potions and learning new skills.” https://nodighome.com/about/

What We Discuss:

Avoiding bolting crops

The best way to pick leafy crops to prevent bolting

When to sow to stop bolting

Eat crops like rocket and mustard greens when they’ve flowered

Quick fillers for gaps

Gluts of crops

How can we avoid gluts

Preserving food

Deadheading and harvesting

Crops that people might think have gone past their best but are actually still usable


Stephanie’s Website www.nodighome.com

Stephanie Hafferty on Twitter

Stephanie Hafferty on Instagram

The Creative Kitchen by Stephanie Hafferty

No Dig Organic Home & Garden by Charles Dowding & Stephanie Hafferty

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