Episode 60: Design Experts Part 4 with Xanthe White

This episode is the fourth and final part of the Design Experts series and this week’s guest is New Zealand-based garden designer Xanthe White who runs Xanthe White Design which has offices in Auckland and Wellington. As with the other episodes in the design experts series, we talk about the practicalities of running a design practice in the region, what the client design relationship looks like and the evolving face of garden design. The interview starts with me asking Xanthe about the beliefs underpinning her practice.

This series has very kindly been sponsored by the London College of Garden Design.

About Xanthe White:

Xanthe is one of New Zealand’s top landscape designers. Her studio works with clients to design gardens that work for them on a personal level, creating gardeners as well as gardens. Her work is fused throughout with concerns for sustainability, ecosystems and the cultural significance of the spaces she builds. She has won medals at the 2006 and 2011 RHS Chelsea Flower Shows and has also won top awards at the Ellerslie International Flower Show and the Gardening World Cup in Japan.

What We Discuss:

The ethos behind Xanthe White Design

What would Xanthe’s ideal client looks like

Some of the biggest challenges Xanthe faced as a garden designer in New Zealand

Xanthe’s favourite part of the design process

Who or what inspires Xanthe right now

How Xanthe sees the discipline of garden design evolving over the coming decades



With thanks to the episode sponsor, the London College of Garden Design


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