Episode 6: Allotments Part 1

Lacking the space but certainly not the enthusiasm? Taking on an allotment has fast become a popular solution to keeping those green fingers satisfied and the benefits are endless. Not only is it environmentally friendly, working an allotment can be seen as therapeutic, sociable and an all round healthy discipline, which can promote a healthier lifestyle.

In the first part of this episode, Sarah chats to Louise Bell, an accomplished writer and editor and co founder of Sunny Creative. Louise also happens to be a sympathetic gardener and was on the committee for the Marina Allotment and Horticulture Association in Hastings.

Having worked on her own allotment for 10 years, Louise is armed with knowledge to enlighten us on how best to go about finding an allotment. Whether it’s run by the local council or independently managed, she presents a number of key pointers to take into account before committing to a plot and those you will need to consider once you are the proud owner.

With first hand practical advice on various topics, from restrictions on what you are allowed to grow, to how to clear a plot previously owned, there’s enough to get the ball rolling if you are thinking of investing your time and energy into growing your own produce.

Nevertheless don’t forget to follow up soon with part 2 of this episode to discover more about allotments and how to manage expectations on what you grow. Alongside self sowing plants, difficult crops and suggestions on plot structure, you can be sure to pick up many more helpful tips to ensure you have a productive plot.

Please take the time to rate this podcast and you could be in with a chance to win a copy of the Great Dixter cookbook (2017) which contains a delightful concoction of seasonal recipes and is a book Louise was involved with creating.

Points of interest;

Associate members.

Generic allotment rules and regulations.

Choosing your allotment plot.

Practical issues, such as water, electricity and toilet.

Visitors allowed onto the premises.

Time restrictions.

Recommended tools.

Taking over someone else’s allotment patch.

FAQs answered;

Are all allotments run by the local council?

Do I specifically need to choose an allotment near to where I live?

Do allotments have waiting lists?

Will I have to pay for my allotment?

How do I know if having an allotment is the right thing for me?

Do I need planning permission for a shed?

Will I be allowed bonfires?

Who is responsible for any waste?

Are there restrictions on what I can grow in an allotment?

Further useful research;




www.greatdixtershop.co.uk   The Great Dixter Cookbook 2017

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