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The Wheel of the Year

My guest this week is Dr Rebecca Beattie. Rebecca has just released a book called ‘The Wheel of the Year’, which is a look at what is happening in nature and in ourselves as the seasons move from one to the other. She suggests tools and rituals to rediscover and appreciate each seasonal festival, giving you a chance to pause, reflect and connect you to the wheel of your own life. As this is the last episode of 2022 and the winter solstice is just 2 days away, I thought this would be a perfect way to wrap up the year and to encourage you to take time to appreciate, well time, as it passes and as things shift from one state of being to another. Christmas can be a frenetic time so I hope you can take half an hour out of your schedule to sit down and listen to Rebecca and to contemplate your place in the wheel of the year.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Lycaenidae butterflies

What We Talk About

What is the wheel of the year?

The origins of the events and customs you find at the sabbats

In our secular society, are we beginning to realise the importance of connecting back to a framework that makes sense of time and our place in the world?

Useful hints for people to make sure they remember to mark the passing of seasons at appropriate times

Advantages gardeners have in terms of being connected to the wheel of the year

Our own annual wheel of the year and how this connect to those that occur in nature 

How our unsettled seasons might affect how we celebrate the sabbats

About Rebecca Beattie

Dr Rebecca Beattie is a Wiccan Priestess with a PhD in Creative Writing. Rebecca grew up on Dartmoor, which gave her an early appreciation of the power and joys of nature. She has been practising solitary witchcraft for twenty years and an initiate of the Gardnerian Wiccan tradition for fifteen. She is acclaimed for her highly informed teaching of witchcraft subjects at Treadwell’s Books in Bloomsbury. By day she is a professional in a major charity, with advanced degrees in Literature and Creative writing.


The Wheel of the Year by Rebecca Beattie – Elliott & Thompson Ltd, October 2022

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