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Episode 185: Food Forests for Plant Lovers

This week’s guest is permaculture designer and author of ‘The Plant Lover’s Backyard Forest Garden’, Pippa Chapman. Growing our own food is becoming more and more important, and Pippa has tips on creating a year-round food forest that is low-maintenance and good for wildlife, that can work in a variety of aspects and that is an enjoyable and beautiful space for people too.

What We Talk About

What is a forest garden?

Can forest gardens can be a bit limited in their plant palettes?

Does a forest garden have to be a decent size in order to work?

Food forest design techniques such as keyhole beds and lasagne beds

The random assembly design technique

Pippa’s essential perennial food plants

Good examples of forest gardens

About Pippa Chapman

RHS-trained and garden designer, Pippa Chapman, is the author of ‘The Plant Lover’s Backyard Forest Garden’, where she shares how she turned her grassy and paved back garden into an abundant, biodiverse, edible and beautiful forest garden that provides for her family and the local wildlife.

Pippa also includes flowers into her garden design, so the garden is both beautiful and productive, and gives advice on using perennials for structure and food, as well as info on guilds, polycultures and growing in containers.

Pippa’s real-life examples and years of experience will help anyone create their own multilayered, edible paradise that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Growing our own food is only going to become more important, and a food forest of any size can offer: year-round food that is low-maintenance; wildlife habitat; beautiful gardens for people to enjoy; carbon sequestration; shady microclimates; and more.  


‘The Plant Lover’s Backyard Forest Garden’ by Pippa Chapman – Permanent Publications

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