Episode 205: Gardening for Your Senses

This week I’m chatting with writer Kendra Wilson. Kendra has written a vast amount about gardening but I was particularly interested in speaking to her about her book Garden for the Senses. Engaging all your senses can lead to a deeper connection with the landscape and it can be an unusual and transformative experience. I wanted to find out how we can all learn to better use our senses and firstly, what prompted Kendra to write the book. 

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: The blue butterflies

What We Talk About

How catering to the senses can lend another dimension to the garden

How many senses should we aim to stimulate in a garden?

One good plant that will engage with each of our five senses

How you can learn to engage your senses more when in the garden

About Kendra Wilson

Kendra has contributed to The Sunday Times, Gardens Illustrated, Guardian Weekend, Garden Design Journal, RHS The Garden,  and Vogue. She is a longstanding correspondent for Gardenista online and contributed a chapter ‘The Gardenista 100’ to the 2016 book, Gardenista: The Definitive Guide to Stylish Outdoor Spaces.

Kendra has worked on numerous projects including a limited-edition book for Mulberry and other books including My Garden is a Car Park and The Book of the Flower.


Garden for the Senses by Kendra Wilson – Dorling Kindersley, February 2022 


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